Cargo Cult Slapper Bundle

Cargo Cult Slapper Bundle v2.0.6 VST, VST3, AAX x64 – Audio Plugin

Cargo Cult Slapper Bundle v2.0.6

Expressive latency. Slapper is a surround sound delay with a stunningly intuitive interface, fantastic console integration, and some quirky sound design potential. You can do anything from an attic to a canyon … from a simple voice slap to insanely complex syncopated grooves – and you can do it quickly, accurately and with a smile on your face.

Cargo Cult Slapper Bundle

Slapper’s interface is so intuitive, so ergonomically tuned, that it’s a real pleasure to use. Whatever you do with it, it will always look exactly the way it sounds. Unusual Spaces – We don’t really care about precise geometry or simulated acoustic environments. We made Slapper “effective”, not “real”. We want your audience to really feel like they are in a backyard, attic, or valley, and we don’t mind lying and deceiving to make that happen. We want to sell the idea of ​​a place to your audience, not your physics teacher.

Instant Dive – This is almost a hoax. Even the quietest, lamest, monaural sound can instantly turn into a startling and immersive experience. With 8 separate delays, you can park each speaker in place and really define the geometry of the space without drowning out the audience with reverb. Tearing Templates – Forever – Once you try Slapper, your brain will change forever. You will have a new understanding of the relationship between space and time.

Slapper Features:

8 fully independent, surround-pannable delay taps

So you can have very short bright delays up front with long dark echoes feeding back in the surrounds. Or a simple mono slap which slowly expands to stereo as the chorus kicks in. You can even use tape-mode to pitch warp a couple of taps while leaving the rest static.

Fruity Sound Design with Tape-Mode varispeeding

Like grabbing the flange of an old tape machine while feeding back into it, Slapper can varispeed a signal in realtime, as you change the delay length. The result is an incredible mind-warping speed ramp which you can directly perform using your mouse, mix surface or automation. You can even pitch dive all 8 taps at once while spinning them around the room. Just keep a bucket handy.

Stunning object-oriented interface

At The Cargo Cult we don’t abide mimicry of ancient workflows or medieval design practices. We have carefully designed Slapper’s interface to give the most immediate feedback, in the most intuitive way, and to give the user the most direct access possible to the objects they are hearing.

Slapper looks exactly like it sounds… and not at all like a dusty rack mounted collection of rotary knobs and switches from 1968.

Multiple filtering options

Each tap offers it’s own independent damping control, under which lies a pair of filters. The HF cut is steeper while the LF cut is a little mellower. The end result is a carefully sculpted bandpass effect which gradually pushes the signal further and further into the distance as it feeds back.

Then there are the main output filters, which present as LPF and HPF controls. These are classic 12db IIR filters which affect the overall output of the plugin, after the taps have done their work and been panned to the output channels.

By messing around with the balance between these two filtering approaches, you can achieve an incredible variety of spaces in a very short amount of time.

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