East West – The Dark Side v1.0.2

East West The Dark Side Review v1.0.2 + Free Download (PLAY)

East West The Dark Side Review will take you further than The Dark Side. With a vast collection of battered, battle-worn drums, guitars, keyboards and more, it was designed with the sole purpose of taking traditional instruments beyond recognizability and against bland, sterile recordings. It would be impossible to ask for more attitude and grunge than what is available to you here.

East West – The Dark Side v1.0.2


If you need to push any instrument you can think of beyond recognizability with distortion, feedback, flutter and more, The Dark Side will be your playground of choice. Nearly every instrument has been recorded with intense FX chains, and the player interface contains even more ways to bury a range of sounds. You can create just about any grunge sound you want by pulling out one of these instruments and running it through a ring of intense FX.


They’ve been pressed so hard you might wonder if your speakers are crumbling. The fundamental tone of these kits is preserved, heavily compressed for percussive and explosive releases, and overloaded with a series of unforgiving analog distortion modules.


A first-class collection of industrial basses and synths that form a solid foundation for low frequencies. They were subjected to a series of aggressive effects, turning them into monstrous force when combined with heavy drums.


A premium example of grunge from The Dark Side, these guitars will cut through any mix with confidence. They shine when you’re ready to give up melody control for unlimited power.


They were designed to be as unsettling as possible, whether it’s distortion or library-baked nail-on-the-chalkboard intervals. One note should be enough to make your listeners nervous.


Chopped, punished and overdriven, this collection is ideal if you want to add more organicity, but still need a high dose of sharpness.


A combination of instruments taken from other sections and subject to significant variations in effects and other processing. Feel free to make your own changes and save them as new .ewi files to remember them later!


Everything that was too weird or intrusive to be included anywhere else in this East West The Dark Side Review, from offbeat percussion to complex synth effects.

  • Producers – Award-winning producer Doug Rogers and Grammy winner David Friedmann.
  • 40 GB of distorted and creepy percussions, guitars, choirs and more
  • Pre-processed sounds run through analog vintage and tube effects chains
  • Dive into metal, industrial or hybrid orchestral songs
    with ease
  • Powerful music creation tool for movies, TV shows and games .
    MIPA Award Winner

For the library to work, you need the R2R PLAY sampler download here:
East West – PLAY 6 v.6.1.9 EXE,VST,VST3,AAX x64

  1. Copy the “Previews”, “ProductChunks”, “products” folders from the R2R folder to the C:\ProgramData\East West”.
  2. Copy the library to the HDD to any convenient place.
  3. Launch our PLAY sampler, go to the Browser tab.
  4. Right-click on an empty space in the left column of the Browser tab, and select “Add Another Product Library” from the pop-up window.
  5. Specify the location of the library folder.

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